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Star Developer-Zone
Anything about coding can be post in here...

Group Founder: starsky6
Description: All coders welcome and newbies. HTML, WML, PHP, C++, PASCAL, Java, Scripts, Tips, Graphics and more... Join Now!!
Group Type: Public join
Members: 101
Category: Technology, Internet & Wireless > Programming Languages

Topics (10)

go img src= (0) harikrishnan17

go Unlimited Web Hosting and Band Width (0) m.raza
Hi! I have found a new unlimited web hosting site which also provide us unlimited band width as well as two email.It also provide us different free scripts.I hope you'll enjoy that Web hosting site.Li...

go Action script 3.0 Is good? (0) lovydovy
What is the scope in action script 3.0?

go java codz (0) mimisiuu
sam 1 help m with java codz am stak

go Coding Board (1) starsky6
Post any codes or scripts in here...

go V.B board (1) steneo
This is for the guys who have any code they wanna share,questions they wanna ask..... Just any thing V.B related.

go C++ Board (4) starsky6
Post all ur C++ topics in here...

go Start programming (0) ansalmon
Programming is an art. To be a good programmer you must learn a variety of programming languages. As a beginner, you can learn Python, as it is simple (but not a toy). Then move on to C, the core of U...

go PASCAL Board (1) starsky6
Post all ur PASCAL topics in here...

go PHP Board (0) starsky6
Post all ur PHP topics in here...